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jasmine projectJasmine Babers, 19, Rock Island, IL

After watching her best friend and sister endure bullying and witnessing the devastating effects that it can have on them, Jasmine decided it was time someone created an outlet to promote compassion and tolerance among young women.

In October 2011, Jasmine created Love Girls Magazine, a youth-produced magazine providing a safe community for young women to share stories of bullying, their struggles, and their accomplishments, while creating a sense of camaraderie between young women everywhere. Published quarterly, Love Girls Magazine now distributes 12,000 free copies nationally, and hosts the annual Love Awards Ceremony, which Jasmine uses to continue to promote self-esteem and confidence in girls everywhere.

Follow Love Girls Magazine on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and visit the website here.

“Media for women has gotten a negative reputation. Love GIRLS magazine put that negativity to rest with its peaceful, loving and powerful message.”

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