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The Delaware News Journal, picked up by USA TODAY, profiles Prize winner Imani Henry for her peacemaking and literacy work.
CBS New York
Prize Winner Amanda Matos is recognized by her local CBS affiliate for winning the Prize and her peacemaking project.
The Advocate
Peace First Prize winner Eli Erlick is profiled in The Advocate for her work protecting trans youth.
NBC Nightly News
NBC Nightly News profiles Prize finalists Brooklyn Wright and Simone Bernstein and winner Nicholas Lowinger for their peacemaking work.
Philadelphia Inquirer
The Philadelphia Inquirer profiles local peacemaker and Prize winner Wei Chen for his social justice work.
The Cleveland Plain Dealer
Peace First Prize Winner Justin Bachman shares his story and the impact of winning the Peace First Prize.
Union Tribune San Diego
Prize winner Jessica Carscadden is interviewed about personal experiences that shaped her peacemaking project.
MTV Act blog post
Peace First Spokesperson America Ferrera shares her passion and support for Peace First’s mission.
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