Our Curriculum

Peacemaking starts with learning the essential social and emotional skills of empathy, personal awareness, relationship building, and promoting inclusion - and goes beyond that to engage young people in seeing themselves as effective communicators and leaders.

The Peace First curriculum is tailored to meet the developmental needs of students from Pre-K through 8th grade and to help children develop and practice positive behaviors. Our curriculum addresses themes such as friendship, fairness, cooperation, conflict resolution, and consequences of actions, all through the use of experiential activities and cooperative games. For example, first graders learn about communicating their feelings, 3rd graders develop skills and awareness around communication and cooperation, 4th graders practice courage and taking a stand, and 5th graders explore how to resolve and de-escalate conflicts. Our curriculum also teaches students how to put peacemaking skills into action by creating and implementing unique Community Service Learning projects.


The entire Pre-K to 5th grade Peace First Curriculum is available on our Digital Activity Center.



Click here to see the Peace First Curriculum sample lesson