The work of Peace First impacts the lives of our students, their teachers and parents and the AmeriCorps members who devote a year of service to our program. Here are some recent comments about the way Peace First has created transformational change in helping create a culture of peacemaking.


“Well…even though I am a good person, Peace First was making me a better person… how to be nicer, how to communicate…”
Student, Peace First New York

“Peace First teaches that even if you don’t like someone, it shouldn’t affect how you work together to accomplish something… Peace First makes my heart beat lovelier.”
Student, Peace First New York

“It is important to be peacemaker because I can be a role model for other students.”
Student, Peace First Boston


“Occasionally in class, when there is a problem, I'd asked my students..."What would Peace First suggest you do?" Then they smile, go back and resolve the situation themselves. So the classroom is different by a whole lot. Kids are able to solve problems on their own without it leading to fighting or arguing.”
Teacher. Peace First New York

”There seems to be a greater awareness of others among students and how they treat one another. They are very helpful and generally look out for one another and many offer help when they see students in need, both academically and outside of that realm.”
Teacher, Peace First New York

“In the beginning of the year, my students did not have much respect for their peers outside or each other. At least now, I notice a greater sense of respect for each other, a better classroom community feel. They stick up for each other more often.”
Teacher, Peace First 2011 National Evaluation Report

“I think the biggest thing children walked away with the concept of empathy. It made it easier to have conversation, when someone said or did something that may have affected of hurt another's feelings. Also, I think it made the class more inclusive as a whole.”
Teacher, Peace First 2011 National Evaluation Report

“During the process of working on their Peace First (peacemaker) project, I was able to see a growth in their maturity. Their discussions were not egocentric. Instead, they were actually discussing wanting to do something good for someone else; and not because they had to, but rather because they wanted to. Peace first helped in the molding out of this maturity.”
Teacher, Peace First 2011 National Evaluation Report

“My students completely took ownership over their service project... They brought in materials for the project to share with the class and added ideas to the project over the weeks of working on it. Peace First helped instill these leadership qualities in my students!”
Teacher, Peace First 2011 National Evaluation Report


“The Community Service Learning project offered a dramatic and effective tool that taught my daughter, our family and members of the community the theoretical and practical implications of our actions.”
Parent, New York

“My child is never sick on Peace First days.”
Parent, Los Angeles


“In the three years the Peace First curriculum has been incorporated at the Tom Bradley School, I have not only seen a decrease in instances of violence— but it is incredible how much these students now care about each other, their school, and their community. Peace First has really given us the tools to create a school full of effective young peacemakers.”
Principal. Peace First Los Angeles

“Peace First is a wonderful organization that combines positive discipline in a way that is doable, that children can relate to. In this time where we really have to create citizens of the 21st century, it helps to give those tools to children – all children.”
Principal, Peace First New York AmeriCorps Members

“Two students, Shawn and Craig, approached me recently because another boy, Lewis, had kicked Shawn. We talked to Lewis, who apologized, saying that he only did it because he thought they were playing. To this, Craig replied, “Can you be more careful in the future because it makes me feel bad when you hurt my friend.” Shawn continued, “Yeah, please? I wasn’t playing, but I accept your apology.” Shawn extended his hand to Lewis and they shook. When I complimented the boys on how they resolved the conflict, they replied, “Oh, that’s what we learned last year in Peace First...to talk about our feelings and solve our problems with peace.”
Peace First AmeriCorps member, 2012

“I couldn't have gotten to where I am now without my experience with Peace First. My year of service gave me invaluable experience in project management, as well as experience working with all types of people and personalities, both of which are essential skills for my new job. I greatly appreciate the opportunity I had to work with some awesome students and my amazing team of Corps members at Peace First, and your support along the way made it all possible.”
Peace First AmeriCorps member, 2012